Reduce Cart Abandonment With These Proven Strategies

29 August، 2019

If you’re running an eCommerce, retail, or other internet business which sells products, one of your biggest problems will most probably be customers who abandon their cart before completing their purchase.


According to multiple data sources, cart abandonment often reaches more than 80 percent for many online businesses. That statistic clearly shows that most customers coming to your website or store will change their mind right before they convert and simply abandon their cart and leave.


At the very least, this results in loss of revenue and missed conversions, but cart abandonment can often be the reason many internet businesses end up closing altogether.


We believe this shouldn’t be the case.


While it’s not possible to mitigate this problem altogether – as whatever strategies you implement, there will always be customers who will abandon their cart before confirming a valid transaction – the data proves that the checkout process is most likely the reason for high cart abandonment rates.

We will therefore focus on optimizing your checkout process to make sure it works for you and not against you. If you implement some of the strategies that we’re going to share in this post, you can reduce your website’s shopping cart abandonment rates.


Display security badges

Online security is one of the many reasons customers choose to shop mostly with large retailers such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon instead of your store.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that your website is less secure than the big names – heck, we all know that market leaders are the ones who usually get hacked – but it does mean that customers are less likely to trust your store, especially the first time they visit.


To increase your potential customers’ trust in your brand and reduce cart abandonment rates, one of the easiest things you can do is set up security badges on your site.


The goal is to make sure your customers feel safe when making purchases on your site.


But please, for the sake of your business, do not use fake badges or logos on your site. This may backfire and cause your potential customers to lose trust in your brand, resulting in loss of revenue and low conversion rates.


You must make sure your site has an SSL/TLS certificate or, even better, an extended validated (EV) certificate, which not only shows that green lock on the address bar but also your brand’s name next to it.

Also, even if you process payments with a third-party gateway such as PayPal, make sure to clearly present a ‘guaranteed SAFE checkout’ badge next to your ‘buy now’ buttons, to increase customer trust and conversions, and reduce cart abandonment.


Remove checkout registration

Pressuring your customers to sign up to confirm and complete their order is one surefire way to skyrocket your cart abandonment rates, wasted ad spend, and loss of revenue.


A checkout registration page like the one below means you’re asking for trouble. Such a painfully long page – although fairly common on e-commerce sites – will surely kill your conversion rates.

If you can’t completely remove the checkout registration process, try allowing guest checkouts to give your customers a chance to browse your site without feeling pressured to hand over their personal details to purchase your products.


If it’s necessary for them to sign up, make this process as simple and smooth as possible.

Ask your web developer to minimize the checkout process: a maximum of 1-2 pages instead of 4-5 is ideal. Some e-commerce owners have found that a highly simplified, one-page checkout can reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.


As a rule of thumb, the more pages and steps your customer has to go through to buy your product, the more likely he or she will quit halfway through and leave.


More experienced internet retailers such as Amazon have even introduced a ‘1-click” ordering’ feature where registered customers can buy what they want with a single click of a button.


Displaying Your Shipping Costs Will Quadruple Your Sales

A fairly common practice among e-commerce stores is to display shipping costs, tax-related costs, and other costs late in the checkout process. This can be frustrating for customers who were expecting to pay a lower price, only to be hit with bad news just before confirming the transaction.


I mean we all agree that this is one of the most frustrating things when it comes to online shopping, especially for customers who live in countries with higher shipping costs. So why use this tactic on your own customers?


We believe this could be done out of fear of losing customers, internet commerce owners realize that high-shipping and tax costs can turn off a potential customer; which is why they try to hide it in the checkout page hoping customers will just buy anyway, but that’s rarely the case.


We suggest to simply be honest and straightforward with your customers. It’s as simple as that. People appreciate it authenticity, and authentic marketing.


If it costs, for instance, $30 shipping plus $9 tax to deliver your product to your customer, then simply be honest about it, and don’t try to hide that fact on the 5th page of your checkout.


There’s also a little trick that you can do to ethically hide high shipping costs. Customers love free shipping, so simply include your costs on top of your product cost, and offer free (worldwide? even better!) shipping to your customers.




Display your contact info

If the only way for your customer to reach you is through a complicated contact form on your website, then that may also influence your cart abandonment.


You need to make it easier for your customer to reach you – especially if they have any issues with their order. It’s preferable if they can reach you across multiple media, including phone, chat, and email.


Make sure your company’s customer support number, email, or chat button is clearly visible on your website.


You can also add a dedicated chat button or widget on your checkout page, so your customers can easily reach you without abandoning their cart.



Accept more payment options

In all probability, your increased shopping cart abandonment rates may simply be due to a lack of payment options offered to your customers.


This is especially true for global sales. If you’re offering your products and services throughout the world, then you should consider offering as many payment options as possible, or you will lose out on customers and revenue.


PayPal and credit cards are two of the most popular payment methods in e-commerce today, but they’re far from the only ones out there. A growing number of internet shoppers are starting to use new payment options such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay, also known as payment wallets.


Supporting a variety of payment options will definitely help reduce your shopping cart abandonment rates and increase your transaction volume. 


Speed up your website

While it may not seem like a big deal, your website’s loading speed actually matters more than you realize. This is especially the case with your checkout page loading speed. We bet you’ve never heard that one before!


According to data from Google and Microsoft, even a delay of 0.5 seconds can result in increased cart abandonment rates, higher bounce rates, and lost revenue.


It’s critically important to periodically optimize your website and checkout loading speed, so that your customers won’t leave just before they’re about to confirm their purchase.


Here are things that you can do to increase your checkout page speed:


– Keep your checkout page minimalistic, with no unnecessary widgets or plugins.

– Compress your images to reduce their file size.

– If possible, use a VPS or a dedicated server.

– Use a content delivery network (CDN) to increase your page delivery speed. 


Offer a promotion or a discount

We all love a bargain, your customers included. People love to get a good deal, especially when they’re shopping online. So you’re probably thinking, ”what’s this got to do with reducing cart abandonment rates?”


Well, believe it or not, one of the most ignored reasons your customers abandon their carts is  the lack of a promotion or a good deal. If they don’t feel like they’re getting a good deal, they will abandon their shopping cart.


So make sure to include an occasional sale price on your website to make your customers feel like they’re getting a great deal.


Luckily, you still have an opportunity at converting customers even if they abandon their cart, provided you have their email address. Simply send them a coupon code for a discount on their cart contents and many will gladly come back to your website to continue the shopping process.



Optimizing your e-commerce website for conversions is a continuous process. You can’t simply try one of the methods above and expect to instantly see your cart abandonment rates drop to zero: you have to try each one and test combinations to see what works best for your company.


But once you figure it out, your e-commerce business will never be the same again – and your customers will love you for it.

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