How Sawim Can Help You Accelerate Your Business Growth Online

2 September، 2019

If you’re not engaging in online commerce transactions, your business may not survive the next five years.


This is especially true with enterprise and B2B commerce businesses – selling locally is no longer a sustainable business model.


There is no way around it; you must transition to regional and global selling if you want your business to survive. But the world is no longer interested in the digital transformation of your offline businesses into an online businesses. It has become common sense.


To sell online as a B2B commerce business, you need a reliable and scalable online infrastructure designed to handle your customer orders and marketing.


Fortunately, Sawim can do just that.


Introducing Sawim

Sawim is a platform built to simplify B2B (business-to-business) transactions. With Sawim, you can easily negotiate with suppliers and engage in secure transactions with accredited and selected buyers and sellers.


Not only that, but Sawim also provides built-in marketing and selling tools to help you get more customers, so you don’t have to worry about your lack of marketing experience.


Sawim is the first B2B platform and marketplace to verify and approve only the most trusted and legitimate commerce businesses and customers. Complete transparency between manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, customers, and all involved parties is ensured and the Sawim team is always available to support and mediate.


Using its innovative online reputation system to ensure trusted transactions, Sawim gives you the space and tools to grow your brand and customer base as you process transactions.  

The platform is owned by the Sawim digital marketing company, a Saudi-built enterprise founded by a strong team of experts who have grown and managed digital marketing and e-commerce brands for more than 10 years.


Our team also has extensive knowledge of the needs of the Saudi marketplace, and a great vision for online commerce in the area, complying with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Why Sawim? 

An economy based on non-renewable resources, such as oil, cannot last for ever.


The issue is not only the non-renewability of natural resources but global lifestyle changes sparked by a new generation of innovators. As companies like Elon Musk’s Tesla lead the way, based solely on clean, renewable electric energy, consumer demand shifts and the old guard of car manufacturers – like Audi and Toyota – must also direct their focus to building more electric vehicles.


Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 came into existence to address economic changes like this, now and in the future.

At this point in time, the Saudi market is relying mostly on oil exports, which make up about 70% of export earnings. The Kingdom suffers from weak exports of non-oil materials (only 16%) and even weaker contributions from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the export industry, representing only 5% of total exports. In Group 20 Countries, SMBss contribute an average of 55%.


We believe the Saudi market should also focus more on local manufacturing and trade exchange.


A report of the Statistics Authority indicates that the fourth quarter of 2018, the volume of economic activity in the wholesale trade was more than 54 billion riyals (more than 14 billion US dollars), generated by more than 36,000 wholesale companies, and more than 340,000 retail companies.


This means the Saudi market is noticing a huge development in the non-oil economy that cannot be overlooked, both regionally and internationally.


What’s unfortunate about this report is the volume of online-based transactions, which did not exceed 1.14% in this sector! Most transactions are still processed locally or regionally, with no internet transactions involved.


Bridging the gap between online and offline sales

With the huge gap in the market in non-oil online commerce transactions, Sawim sees the importance of addressing this issue through its B2B online-based marketplace.


In a market of large size and remarkable productivity, the question arises: how can Sawim help small and medium-sized businesses increase their sales and revenue?


Sawim believes most SMBs, wholesalers, and local Saudi manufacturers suffer from the following shortcomings:


  • Sellers who don’t know how to sell: the market is much larger than it appears, but the seller does not know how to expand his reach – locally, regionally, or to the international market. Inventory sits unused, collecting dust in warehouses.


  • Buyers unaware of sellers: a result of sellers who have little knowledge of how to market their products and services. This makes it difficult for buyers to find and consume their products.


  • Lack of trust: a big issue that stops many vendors from going with an e-commerce platform and causes a lack of available products online. In the digital services sector, a platform like Mostaqil or Khamassat comes to the rescue, but what about the trade sector?


  • Lack of automation: many vendors are reluctant to engage in e-commerce due to the complexity of automation and associated logistical services, especially in relation to payments, collection, marketing, product delivery, customer services, after-sales service, ensuring a professional level of quality, and so on.


Sawim to the rescue

The establishment of Sawim was, in fact, a result of studying these needs and how to address the challenges faced by Saudi sellers, providing an easy and realistic solution with no technical expertise necessary for the seller.


Sawim is like a bridge between the seller who has little marketing knowledge, and a buyer who’s unaware of what the seller has.


On the buyer’s side, there is a platform available for product offerings, which can be browsed by local, regional, and global customers thanks to Sawim’s multilingual shopfront.


On the seller’s side, sellers can easily open their shop to display their product offerings on their own site in a subdomain format ( with plenty of features, so they can instantly reach thousands of business buyers globally.


Sawim offers three subscription packages, including a basic package that is free for a limited time to get even the smallest businesses on board.


You can create a seller account on Sawim with a few simple steps. After review and approval, you can access your control panel to add your products, upload photos, modify listings, and monitor your e-commerce activity.


The main advantage of the Sawim platform is the comprehensive services it provides, allowing you to dedicate yourself to the quality of your production process.



Marketing and technical tools available

The most common obstacle to moving a physical store online is the complexity of the procedures required to achieve this goal.


Things like domain names, hosting, bilingual website design – to deal with foreigners in Saudi Arabia or international demand for products from the Saudi market – managing the site from scratch, uploading product images, verifying the quality and safety of the UI display, ease of use, choosing appropriate payment gateways, finding local banks that handle the gateway, managing invoice and, returns, and a million other details and requirements of online store management.


As if that wasn’t enough to scare you, there is also the management of the marketing process, which may inevitably require the hiring of a specialized marketing company to handle campaigns, and facilitate access to local, regional, and international customers.


All of this requires a large, robust, and flexible budget for marketing –  a budget which, more often than not, surpasses the amount spent on creating the site itself.


It’s like Sawim asking you: What is holding your online business back from progressing and succeeding? Sawim has all the necessary tools and knowledge to handle everything on your behalf. All the obstacles are swept aside.


Best Features of the Sawim Platform

The advantages of the Sawim platform come mainly from the quality of the idea itself. But the implementation of that idea is what encourages the seller to rely entirely on the platform.


  • Domain redirection to Sawim: Ttake full advantage of the marketplace, with its marketing and management tools.


  • A free subdomain: Every Sawim subscriber gets an integrated subdomain store with a name of their choice, formatted as


  • Complete marketing tools: If you struggle with marketing, remember that Sawim is essentially a digital marketing company. Our platform offers lots of marketing features, such as paid ads, content marketing, SEO search, email marketing, social media, and more.


  • Bilingual platform: Sawim currently uses Arabic and English, with additional languages to come. The addition of English eliminates the language barrier for many international vendors and buyers looking for products in the Arab market.


  • Expert marketing: If you do not want to handle your own marketing (whether due to lack of experience or lack of time) Sawim offers in-house marketing services to run campaigns based on your preferences and budget.


  • Smart control panel: Control everything from a single central panel,

with internal messaging (to communicate with buyers directly without having to leave the platform), instant notifications of inventory levels, comprehensive reporting, new bidding requests, and more.


  • Smart reporting: No smart platform is complete without a professional reporting service to monitor sales performance, inventory levels, your best- and worst-selling products, and other metrics.

Security: Sawim ensures high levels of site security, deploying SSL certificates, DDoS attack protection, daily backups, and monitoring. With security handled, you have more time to focus on your business.

Care for buyers: by monitoring buyers’ browsing activity, Sawim helps you to sell more by sending buyers notifications of new and relevant products that interest them. Of course, they can request a quote (or communicate with you) in minutes.

Sawim is already bridging the world of online commerce with its exceptional services to sellers and buyers alike. Platform design is easy for anyone, techie or not. And the free subscription suits even the smallest businesses, with unlimited scalability as you grow.


Open your online shop today, or click here to learn more about Sawim.

Sawim is working to provide integrated marketing solutions

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